CamelPhat Gig

Following a heavy day of partying the day before, we decided to have a relaxing day at Copacabana beach… perfect for the hangover! Well… our plans soon took a drastic turn when our new friends Faye and Anna booked tickets to watch CamelPhat later that evening and wanted to know if we wanted to go. We looked at each other and with a shrug of the shoulders, booked our tickets! Party on!

We still headed to Copacabana Beach and had a lovely relaxing day reading our books, drinking lots of water and generally trying to prepare for the crazy night ahead.

At 5.30pm, we decided to get in the mood and ordered a couple of passion fruit caprihinas. The bartender loved the fact that we had travelled from London kept pouring and pouring the alcoholic cachaca. Boy these were strong! We posed for a picture with the lovely man and watched the sun come down over the horizon.

Caprihinas on Copacabana Beach
Nice hair Beans

Switching swim shorts for glitter, we headed back to the hostel and got ready for our big night.

We bumped into a Welshman in reception who we guessed was coming with us that evening. He instantly got off on a bad foot with Ben saying ‘you’re the most English c**t I’ve ever met!’ Nice. They exchanged a few words, sussed each other out and eventually got on really well. With the dust settled, we grabbed a couple of taxis and the group headed out.

Faye, Anna, Ozzy Dan, Welsh Liam, Dutch Ben, Minke & The Beans

Feeling about 14 years old and reminiscing of drunken evenings in a park, we started the evening with rounds of Smirnoff Ice! Not a drink of choice I have to say, but after a few of the sugar drinks we were well in the mood and danced the night away.

The gig was insane, CamelPhat were so so good and Fisher smashed it afterwards!

The final act were Brazilian DJ’s called Cat Dealers! We hadn’t heard of them before, but they were easily the best band of the night. Definitely a band we will download on Spotify for the rest of our trip.

We left the gig around around 5am, finally arriving back at the hostel around 6 thanks to the taxi dropping us off in the middle of nowhere! Anna saved the day though and led us through the streets of Rio and back to the hostel. We would have been buggered if she wasn’t there, we didn’t have a clue!

Ready to sleep off the impending hangover, we headed to bed with our eye masks firmly over our faces to block out the morning sunshine. Another great night!

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