Carretao – All you can eat meat in Rio!

We stumbled across “Carretao” in Siqueira Campos, an authentic Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant that served all you can eat meat! Perfect after a long day of hiking!

We were given a paddle with green on one side and red on the other. When on green, the waiters continually visit your table with a selection of meats on large swords. Only when turning the paddle to red do they stop.

Food babies ‘R’ us

Roasted lamb, rump steak, fillet, gammon, chicken… it was all there. On top of this, sushi, salad, sauces and dessert were all included at a fixed price of $89 BR (£17.50 per person) an absolute bargain considering that between us we devoured an entire farmyard!

It has to be said that the waiters saved the best till last and the pièce de résistance was a huge chunk of rump steak that had cheese stuffed into it. Our eyes lit up as the waiter passed Hannah the large carving sword, allowing her to slice off thin bits of steak, oozing with melted cheese.

Oh my god…

Our belly’s full, we headed back home for a well deserved food coma. A truly unforgettable day ❤️

Siqueira Campos Street, 23 – Copacabana 
Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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