The BEST sandwich in São Paulo?

Manes’ in the Mecardo Municipal

Having woken up relatively hungover from the night before there was only one thing for it, a world famous, beast of a sandwich from Manes’ in the Mecardo Municipal.

Legend has it that back in the 1930’s, Mane wasn’t always as generous with his portions. The locals kept complaining about his stingy portions until one day when Mane snapped and heaped piles and piles of Mortadella ham on top of fresh bread, daring the unhappy customer to finish it off. The customer was happy to oblige and the rest is history.

Look at the size of it!

The area surrounding the indoor market seemed fairly rough; people were shouting at each other, the buildings were in particularly poor condition and the cab driver sternly warned us to be careful.

We made our way inside and headed straight for Manes, passing tobacco shops, food stalls, fishmongers and butchers along the way. The smells were incredible, if not slightly overpowering. 

We sat down and of course ordered the Grande, it couldn’t be that big could it? Wrong! This was a sandwich like no other; layer upon layer of freshly shaved ham, thick cuts of mozzarella cheese, baked french stick and all grilled for a few moments before serving. This monster was easily enough for two people and just what we needed to cure our hangovers.

Just in case you wanted a close up…

After swallowing down the final mouthfuls, we went to the bus station to begin our journey to the next stop, Curitiba.

Mercado Central

Lively indoor market featuring colourful butcher counters, produce vendors & hot-food stands.

Address: Av. Las Heras 279, M5500 MendozH

ProvinceMendoza ProvincePhone: 0261 425-6904

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