Exploring the HUGE city that is São Paulo

We woke up nice and early with our minds set on exploring the sights of this gigantic city. Ben had read online that São Paulo has many famous museums, so we set off to visit the São Paulo Art Gallery and the Afro – Caribbean Museum in Ibierquira Park. 

Thirty minutes of walking around the city later (of course stopping along the way for some fruit cups from a street vendor) we arrived at our 1st destination. The S.P gallery is famous for its collection of Salvador Dhali paintings which we couldn’t wait to see.

Disappointingly for us, the gallery was undergoing a major renovation and the majority of the exhibits were off limits. There was however a small exhibition of Brazilian artists that were available to view, so we paid half the entrance fees and headed inside.

Unfortunately Brazilian art isn’t quite what we had expected, and many of the paintings looked like they had been drawn by a blind man with no hands!

I mean… it’s not to our taste

After a 10 minute giggle at the pictures up for display (and after receiving some horrendous stares from the locals) we made the hour and half walk to Ibirapuera Park. This is the biggest natural park in São Paulo and has a number of lakes, food vendors and even an observatory.

It’s also home to the Afro Caribbean museum, so we paid our $6 BR (just over £1) and headed in. There were some amazing exhibits on slavery that were truly harrowing. There were also some original war masks but most importantly, Peles’ signed World Cup shirt.

A selection of the art on display
Peles’ signed World Cup shirt (Ben got rather excited)

After the museum I persuaded Ben to hire a double French bike for us to ride around the park on – it was SOOOO much fun! With Elrow blaring on the phone we narrowly missed pedestrians minding their own business we rode around the park for an hour.

On the way back we came across the most stunning piece of graffiti we have ever seen so naturally had to stop and have a couple of photos with it!

How amazing?!

Our friends Jack and Jemima has also made their way into the city, so we arranged to meet up for some drinks later that evening. Ben decided on a beautiful little cocktail bar, Salve Jorge, that served very strong cocktails alongside ice lolly’s. We ordered some chicken wings alongside side some tapioca, a deep fried rice with chilli jam, and settled in for a few drinks.

We’d researched a small jazz bar, Jazz Nos Fundos, and discovered that they were hosting a Jimi Hendrix tribute night that evening. Even better the venue was only around 20 minutes away in an Uber. 

However, once again the taxi dropped us in the wrong place. No one seemed to have heard of the bar and we aimlessly walked around in circles for about an hour before eventually stumbling across the right place. We paid our $25 BR per person (£5) and danced the night away to classics like All Along The Watchtower. With our bellies full of rum cocktails we jumped in a cab around 2am and prayed to god that it took us home!

We caught ‘Jimmy Hendrix’ for a quick snap

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