We’re living in the Caribbean but we’re ready to come home.

We’re now five months into our six month trip around South and Central America and it’s been the most epic adventure either of us have ever been on. The things we’ve seen and experienced are beyond anything we could have dreamt of. We’ve lived on the Caribbean coast for the last 8 weeks, so how could we ask for anything more?! Right?

So why are we so ready to come home?

Don’t get us wrong, of course, we miss our friends and family and obviously, we’re fed up with living out of a huge bag. The normality of our life split between London and Norfolk is certainly appealing… we would literally kill for Mum’s Sunday roast, a walk down Broadway Market or a big night out with our mates! But the reality is, nothing much will have really changed back home. The truth is, honestly, we’re just ready for the next part of our lives to begin. Life on the road has a timer and ours is coming to the end. For this chapter at least…

When I travelled to South East Asia and Australia with my best friend Sarah in 2014, no amount of time would have been enough. When I left to go travelling, I was 21 years old with a job that I didn’t really care about. I hadn’t really discovered what I wanted to do with my life and besides my friends and family, not all that much was keeping me in Norfolk. Sarah and I cried when we had to come back to the mundaneness of home.

I was a very different person back in 2014

This time, it’s all different. Home is calling and we’re ready to go! It’s not something Ben and I are afraid to say to each other and instead of upsetting us, it really is quite the opposite. We’re both excited to go home for the same reasons. We just know we have made the most incredible memories and experiences together, but it’s now time to make the next ones!

I wouldn’t have changed anything for the world with our trip, but now I’m that little bit older, I feel like I know what I want. I’m looking forward to going back to London, settling into our new flat, getting back to the gym, working on my business and getting back to a ‘normal’ life.

In the past, ‘adulting’ would have made me cower and run a mile. But now, the thought of buying a house, getting a pet, having kids, marriage, the whole shebang, is welcomed.

Is this what adulting feels like?

We’ve had the most insane adventure, but another is just about to begin and we can’t wait! 💛


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