Carretao – All you can eat meat in Rio!

We stumbled across “Carretao” in Siqueira Campos, an authentic Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant that served all you can eat meat! Perfect after a long day of hiking! We were given a paddle with green on one side and red on the other. When on green, the waiters continually visit your table with a selection of meats…

CamelPhat Gig

Following a heavy day of partying the day before, we decided to have a relaxing day at Copacabana beach… perfect for the hangover! Well… our plans soon took a drastic turn when our new friends Faye and Anna booked tickets to watch CamelPhat later that evening and wanted to know if we wanted to go….

Hang gliding in Rio – Renato from Asa Delta

The weather had been relentless in Rio and tropical storms were battering the coast. We were told we would be messaged at 7.30 a.m to confirm if the hang gliding was happening. With all our fingers and toes crossed, we drew back the curtains and were treating with astonishingly blue skies! A text from Renato…

Rio Carnival – Bloco Bloco Bloco!

We ensured the start of our trip coincided with the biggest party in the world – RIO CARNIVAL! Thankfully our timings worked out perfectly, so one of our first stops (and very much thrown into the deep end) were the incredible Blocos — ginormous street parties where everyone dons glitter and dances beside moving parades….

Our Bucket Lists ✔️📝

During one of our usual 2 hours trips from Hackney back home to Norfolk, we decided to write write our bucket lists. I would say that it was “things to do before we are 30” but hey… one of us is there already! So here it is, a full list of what we want to…