Four hands massage class in Santiago – AMAZING

We’d been speaking to Tamara Monsalve and Maria Jose Bravo from AcuatroManos Masaje on AirBnB and couldn’t believe our luck when we received a message offering us a four hands massage in exchange for a mention on our blog. Not only that, but Tamara and Maria offered to go one step further and teach us how to conduct a full body massage in its entirety then practice them on each other! Bens eyes lit up at the thought of having two women massaging him at once, so we immediately agreed! This sounded like an amazing experience and one that we couldn’t turn down, so with a time set for 3pm the following afternoon, we couldn’t wait to get started. Baby oil and lotions at the ready!

Unfortunately, just as we were about to leave the apartment, Maria messaged to explain that the lesson could no longer take place… her university had received a bomb threat that afternoon and they were now on lockdown! But Maria wasn’t panicked at all.. apparently this happens all the time and more so during exam seasons. Students who hadn’t studied and wanted more revision opportunities often called in hoax bombs to the police! We couldn’t believe our ears, but María assured us everything would be fine and rescheduled for 8pm. Crazy!

Sure enough, the bomb threat turned out to be fake and we made the journey across town to the massage studio where Maria and Tamara were waiting. We couldn’t believe it when Maria explained that the session would be lasting 3-4 hours, taking our appointment past midnight! Despite already having an exhausting day, Maria insisted that we continue as planned. Absolute dedication and professionalism from both ladies.

After a quick cup of tea (we are English after all!) we started with a theory lesson. Tamara explained that the medicinal qualities of massage were discovered around the 1st century in Imperial China, where the ancient civilisations understood its importance for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. There was evidence of massage being practiced by the Greeks, Romans and even Egyptians. Hey, if it’s good enough for Julius Caesar and Cleopatra then it’s good enough for a couple of Roaming Beans lost in Chile!

Theory out of the way, Ben was first onto the table. In a blink of an eye, he was down to his not so tidy whiteys with a big smile on his face!

God knows how she did it, but Tamara massaged Bens hobbit feet for over an hour, quietly working away whilst María taught Hannah about the importance of warming up the body through a number of different techniques. Ben didn’t require any warming up though; he moaned and groaned as his back and shoulder were kneaded, rubbed and knuckled. He suddenly fell very quiet and after a few minutes… you guessed it…  BEN STARTED SNORING! 

We covered the whole body; kneading away at the back, working out the knots from the arms, shoulders and legs and then finishing by caressing the neck and scalp. The feeling was heavenly. Total relaxation; complete and utter chill. After an hour or so and with a quick squirt of oil, Ben was led by the girls and the process was repeated on Hannah.

Maria and Tamara are obviously at the top of their game. They patiently explained all of the different techniques used in a full body massage and used perfect English throughout. We were amazed at how well they both spoke and I’m certain they taught us both a few new words! They made us feel comfortable and at ease the whole time and we are forever grateful for such a truly unforgettable experience. 

This was easily the best message that either of us has ever had. It is an absolute must for any couples looking for a fun and intimate evening.

Maria and Tamara can be contacted via the following:

AcuatroManos Masaje




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