The day we finally got to see the Florianopolis Beach House!

The day was here! We were finally heading to Florianopolis. We were sooooo excited to finally see the Beach House I had bought Ben for one of his 30th birthday pressies. The photos on AirBnb were amazing so we just couldn’t wait to see it in the flesh. 

We arrived in Flori and after quick stop off at a local shop to collect a few supplies for a BBQ we made our way to the boat port to meet Dario the home owner. There were no roads around this part of the lagoon so he came to pick us up on a speedboat – so cool.

On the speedboat on the way to the Airbnb

Upon arriving our jaws were in the bottom of the lagoon at the shear beauty of this place, it was like nothing either of us had seen before.

The property is in the Natural Park of Florianopolis and it has 24,000 square meters park where toucans, parrots, monkeys, otters and other protected animals of the tropical mata atlantica live. It has a private beach which is 150 mt long, a private pier, beach beds, umbrellas and a big pergola. Nothing short of perfect.

For this reason we’ll shut up and let the photos do the talking…

The view pulling into the pier
The view from our room looking out

Within 10 minutes of arriving, the swim shorts and bikinis were on and we had made our way down to our very own private beach – it was so special and even better than we could have imagined.

I think he liked his gift

We grabbed a couple of beers and headed out onto the lagoon on two kayaks (they come free when you stay) which was a lot of fun. Ben couldn’t get the hang of steering it which was hilarious to see*. This is where we first saw the flying fish – these fish leapt 3 ft out of the water!

*It made it clear who was causing the kayak problems 3 years ago in the Dominican Republic…

Nearby on the lagoon Dario was able to help organise activities such as Paragliding, Surfing, Kitesurfing, Paddling, SUP Surfing, sand boarding on the dunes, Wake Boarding, Diving, Fishing, WindSurf and Golf.

If you’re near Florianopolis or planning a trip to Brazil we highly recommend staying at Dario’s Beach House.

The reviews speak for themselves!

Here is a link to the property on AirBnb.

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